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6 places to enjoy autumn colours in The Cotswolds


Autumn is a timely reminder that despite the times we live in, nature rumbles on to her own sweet tune. Instead of feeling down about the end to summer and long, warm days, get out and explore The Cotswolds as they show off the perfect autumnal colour palette.

Below are just a few of our favourite spots to see that fiery colour explosion of autumn across the beautiful Cotswolds hills.

Westonbirt Arboretum


Set in 600 acres and home to 2,500 different species of trees from around the world, breathtaking Westonbirt Arboretum is the perfect place to visit for autumn colours. The Maple Loop in Silk Wood and the Acer Glade in the Old Arboretum are famous for their spectacular, vibrant display of red-toned leaves, providing a beautiful backdrop to a typical autumn walk.

The STIHL Treetop 300 metre Walkway is also the perfect place to take in the changing seasons as you are taken 13 metres up into the tree canopy for a relaxing forest bathing experience.

Woodchester Park


The ‘lost landscape’ contained within this tranquil wooded valley is the remains of an 18th and 19th century landscape park with a chain of five lakes, an old Boat House and a disused quarry. The lakes feature a manmade island which is now home to travelling herons and large carp which can be spotted swimming in the waters.

As autumn descends upon the woodland trees, you can take the most beautiful photos of their fiery colours as a reflection in the undisturbed, tranquil waters.

For an extra treat, why not visit Woodchester Valley Vineyard, a family owned boutique vineyard and winery? Totalling 45 acres in the Stroud valleys, Woodchester Valley produce a range of still white, rosé and sparkling wines from ten different grape varieties.

The grapes are handpicked and pressed lightly with a slow, cool fermentation that preserves the fruit characteristics of cool climate wines.

Batsford Arboretum


Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford inherited Batsford Park in 1886. During his work for the Foreign Office, he spent time in Japan and China, becoming a recognised authority on the culture and politics of the areas. While there, he gained a love for the oriental landscape and this passion influenced the design of the arboretum that can still be enjoyed today.

In autumn, the Japanese maples turn to their rich red, golden yellow and pink tones. There is also the opportunity to join Alan Ranger, an award-winning photographer, for photography workshops to capture the delightful changing seasons at Batsford.

Dyrham Park


With 270 acres of open parkland, Dyrham Park is the perfect place to enjoy the changing seasons. As summer turns to autumn, over 100 varieties of trees begin to morph to the stunning palette of red, orange and yellow.

Among the colourful borders of the pool gardens, you’ll find the beautifully unique Katsura tree, native to Japan and China. Its leaves changes from bronze to yellow to orange and finally pink, all while releasing an unusual aroma off delicious burnt sugar.

Sudeley Castle and Gardens


Surrounded by 1,200 of nature acres, Sudeley Castle is a top attraction in the Cotswolds for its award-winning, stunning gardens and make it a perfect stop on any autumnal route through The Cotswolds.

The Mulberry Garden is home to an ancient mulberry tree, planted in the 19th Century by Emma Bent, the daughter of a silk merchant. The mulberry tree is significant as the only source of food for silkworms and during the autumn months, the tree bears its fruit for a tiny, short-lived period. For this reason, it is so rare to find mulberry fruit for sale!

Broadway Tower


With sweeping views, you can never go wrong with a wander through the 50 acres of woodland in Broadway Tower Country Park during autumn. The tower itself is the highest castle in The Cotswolds and a great destination to experience true English heritage, all while taking in those red and orange toned surroundings. It’s truly spectacular to come here at sunrise or sunset as a firework display of colour explores across the skies and far-reaching landscape.

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