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3 Top Tips for making an entrance

It doesn't matter how big or small your house is, everyone's home deserves love and attention and if we can help you highlight your home's character and charm then we are pretty happy! As property experts, here are our top 3 tips for making the right first impressions and creating that all important kerb appeal.

The Lead Up To The House

Whether the entrance to your home is a long sweeping driveway, a short and pretty entrance, or even be on the edge of a quiet country lane, it's always a good idea to make sure the house is easily accessible and that the entrance looks clean and tidy thus allowing your viewers to park easily and not have to dodge the bins or take an unexpected trip on one of the children's skate boards!

Viewers are very focused when they arrive at a home, curious about what they are going to find and often there is a sigh of relief when they see the well trimmed hedges, diligently raked gravel, or the thoughtful lighting around the herbaceous borders if its dusk when the viewing takes place.

We definitely don't think your home and garden need to look like a museum and be absolutely pristine, but a little tidy up can make a big impact. Manor Barn in Kemble is a fine example of how gorgeous a home can look with the right lighting.

tips to sell your home kerb appeal

The Front Door

Do you like a pop of colour, prefer neutral tones or lean towards natural materials such as oak? Either way the front door is where every prospective purchaser enters into you home to begin their tour of the interior. A fresh lick of paint can spruce it up no end and give any colour back its vibrancy. The oak front door at Church House in Sapperton exudes classic elegance.

how to improve first impressions when selling your home

Dressing the front door can really make a difference and brighten the entrance. We see so many wonderful Christmas wreaths during the festive season and various workshops take place in The Cotswolds where you can learn how to create gorgeous ornaments for your home. Why not create a Spring/ Summer version instead and stock up on goodies at The Burford Garden Company and pop in to explore Burford itself whilst you’re there?

tips to sell your house first impressions count

Framing the front door is another great way of dressing the entrance, be it with hanging baskets filled with petunias or a beautiful bay tree on either side of the doorway. This adds character and colour at the same time.

coloured front door inspiration

The door knob is also something which has become quite fashionable with all sorts of gorgeous designs to choose from: bees, birds, hands, you name it we're sure it can be found! We love Coates and Warner’s solid brass bumble bee door knocker. It’s so striking!

tips on selling your house viewings

Pic credit: Coates and Warner

The Entrance Hall

When stepping into a home for the first time, our senses are heightened. If you're a bit of a Masterchef in the making then the smell of fresh bread baking is so wonderful and warming. However, let's face it, not all of us have the time or skills to bake such gastronomic delights! Reed diffusers work wonders and delicately fragrance the entrance hall, offering an inviting and welcoming space. Jo Malone's Lime, Basil and Mandarin room diffuser is a firm favourite of ours. No risk of smelly dog odours!

how to sell your house and impress viewers

Pic credit: Jo Malone

Creating an open space in the entrance hall helps to kick off any viewing with a positive start. Even if the entrance hall is small, keeping it clutter free (we are guilty of kids shoes being left around!) adds to the feeling of space and light. Fresh flowers are always well received and can brighten up the room. Oups A Daisy in Cirencester will put a lovely seasonal bunch together for you.

Again, lighting is key. If natural light is limited, soft side lamps work a treat to frame the space. If the viewing is taking place at dusk then a few scented candles are both beautiful and smell divine. Dyptique candles are fabulous and smell strong yet are not overpowering.

impress house hunters tips to sell your home

Pic credit: Dytique Paris

Hopefully these few tips are useful when prepping your home for viewings. We know none of this is rocket science but it may just come in handy!

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