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7 of the best range cookers for your home


Most of us are familiar with the Aga and the nostalgic joy of coming across one in a country home's kitchen. Not only do they instantly make the kitchen the cosiest room in the house, but their eye-catching designs easily make them a focal point around which to design your dream kitchen.

Range cookers, and the one we're most familiar with, the Aga, combines an oven and hob into one, freestanding appliance. It's usually bigger than your typical oven with several additional features such multiple ovens, a warming plate, grill and storage compartments.

Range cookers are not only praised for their high performance, but also their aesthetics as they take on the role of the centrepiece of a kitchen. Whether you're a fan of the traditional decor or you're looking for a range cooker that's a little sleeker and minimalist, we have pulled together our favourite range cookers for you to choose from including local stockists in The Cotswolds.

Let's start with the classic...

1. AGA R7 150 Electric with Warming Plate


This cooker is part of Aga's 24/7 radiant heat range and they most closely resemble the original AGA. On all the time, they keep the kitchen cosy and are ready to cook the moment you are.

These AGA cookers have been known to take on more than just the role of cooker and are often a source of heat and winter comfort in the home, not to mention somewhere to hang your socks! We've picked the AGA R7 150 as it's the perfect size if you're often hosting Sunday lunch at your house and we couldn't resist choosing the British Racing Green colour which has been reintroduced recently from the archive due to popular demand.

Contact AGA Cirencester to book a demonstration and find out more.

2. Lacanche Classic Range Cooker: Cormatin 700mm


The smallest of the Lacanche models, the Cormatin is a powerful and versatile range cooker that can brighten up smaller kitchens with its style and versatility. The Cormatin model features a large oven, pan storage drawer and a three-burner Lacanche hob.

The beauty of Lacanche range cookers lies within their variety of customisable options. Choose from four different hobs, three choices of ovens, and 30 colours so you have the range cooker that's perfect for you. The Cormatin range cooker can also be ordered for natural or LPG (bottled) gas or all electric.

To talk to an Lacanche expert and for a demonstration, Parlour Farm in Cirencester are suppliers of Lacanche range cookers and you can book an appointment here.

3. Rangemaster Elise 110 Induction


With a premium quality French feel, this cream with nickel trim range cooker could blend perfectly into any professional kitchen, however its ease of use and simplicity make it suitable for both home cooks and novice chefs.

The Elise 110 is the perfect size for most modern kitchens and the design comes in seven shades from this classic cream to bold cherry red and china blue so you can match to your kitchen aesthetic. This electric model features an easy-clean induction hob and removable griddle, meaning it's easy to maintain that sleek look.

To find out more about this Rangemaster cooker, Parlour Farm in Cirencester are experts in the products and you can click here to book an appointment.

4. Belling Farmhouse 60E


Another option for smaller kitchens, this 60cm electric range cooker from Belling features a double oven with 4 ceramic burners. If the bright jalapeno red isn't quite your style, the Farmhouse 60E comes in classic black, cream and silver too. We love this little enamel cooker as it takes on the aesthetic of the typical farmhouse ovens but it's paired with top notch technology including a fully-programmable touch control timer and rotary controls so you can cook to perfection!

If you would like to find out more about this bold and compact range cooker, Gardiner Haskins in Cirencester supply Stoves' range cookers and their experts can tell you more. Click here for more info.

5. Stanley Brandon 60 Oil Range Cooker


The Stanley Brandon 60 is an oil fired cooker that strikes the perfect balance between past and present. Priding itself on simplicity and ease, a Stanley Brandon 60 oil fired range cooker gives you efficient, precision cooking while also making your home warm with its ability to integrate with under floor heating.

The Brandon blends traditional decor with electronic controls including a seven day, three channel digital timer and digital displays. One of its most unique features is its rapid water heating system which takes 45 minutes to heat a 60 gallon tank of water to 45 degrees.

To find out more, visit the Chase Heating website and you can pop by their showroom in Pershore for a demonstration.

6. Stoves Richmond Deluxe S1100DF GTG


This is probably the sleekest of all the range cookers on the market with several cutting edge design decisions that just make sense. It features a unique gas-through-glass hob making it easy to wipe clean and the oven and grill are beyond conventional with a multifunction main oven, fanned oven and slow cook oven.

The Stoves' Richmond Deluxe is a dual fuel cooker that prides itself on using technology for the perfect cooking experience. It's large enough for the family home and even has a 200L cooking capacity.

If you'd like to find out more about this sleek range cooker, Gardiner Haskins in Cirencester supply Stoves' range cookers and their experts can tell you more. Click here for its location and to plan your visit!

7. Everhot 150 series


The Everhot 150 series is nicknamed the masterpiece of the Everhot range. Its classic design is available in a vast array of colour options and the Everhot 150i's sheer size and presence complements the grandest of kitchens. This range cooker is perfect if you're usually the go-to for entertaining friends or cooking large family meals.

It features three independently controlled ovens, which can each be used for roasting, baking and slow cooking, a plate warming oven, cast iron hot and simmer plates and a three-burner induction hob. Its combination of traditional cast iron plates and high-tech induction make the Everhot 150i unique in design and technology.

Everhot are a local brand and their main showroom can be found in Coaley, Dursley. For more information, click here.


Once you've picked out the perfect range cooker for you, check out a few of the cookbooks below which will help you cook up some delectable treats!

The Traditional Aga Cookbook by Louise Walker - £19.37

This cookbook is your ultimate companion as you head into the new world of range cooker cooking! Whether you're excited to bake bread or whip up a warming soup, make sure you have this by your side as you start to fall in love with a whole new way of cooking.

Sweet Things from the Aga by Hannah Miles - £17.99

Baking in a range cooker is a completely different experience and Hannah has fantastic tips and recipes to follow including recipes for scones, rice pudding and macarons.

The Traditional Aga Chrismas by Louise Walker - £6.99

As we're now heading into the autumn months, it's not too early to be thinking about delicious Christmas recipes and if you're treating yourself to a range cooker this year, Christmas is the perfect time to put it to the test!