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I’m a buyer I’m a vendor

Bring out the best

Knowing how vital outstanding photography, clear floor plans and beautiful marketing are to the discerning buyer, there are a few extra points which vendors can focus on to bring out the beauty and features of their home in order to help the sale along.



First impressions are everything and therefore it goes without saying that the lead up to the front door, be it a driveway, a front garden or a step off the pavement, is a pivotal moment in a viewing. It really helps to have a well kept garden, nice crunchy gravel and a freshly painted front door. These help kick start a good viewing. One needs to remember that as essential as the approach is, it also serves as the last impression of your home, providing the buyer with a final memory at last glance.



A house is home and therefore needs to feel welcoming and inviting to buyers. Lighting is such a great way to set the right ambiance. Harsh lighting is always off putting, favouring instead table lamps, and subtle spot lights. Curtains drawn elegantly bring out the beauty of windows and also help to frame views of a garden and surrounding countryside. Not everyone is a bread maker, so fragrant candles or scented reeds can work wonders to help create a comfortable and inviting space.


Declutter & keep clean

There is nothing more off-putting than a messy house when a buyer walks through the door! Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home and you can help them achieve this by making sure the floors are clear, the clutter is minimised and the house is clean. Understandably, this is easier said than done with or without kids and pets! Not only does this provide the buyer with a warm welcome, it also helps your home to feel more spacious and bright.

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