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Interior style edits inspired by our recent Cotswold properties

In modern Cotswold homes, the fusion of antiquity with contemporary creates a tranquil yet luxurious aesthetic which serves as rich inspiration to interior design lovers. In this journal post, we deep-dive into three of our Cotswold properties, each with their unique design elements, and uncover how they can inspire design choices in your own space.

The modern classic

This spellbinding property at 39 Cheltenham Road is a modern sanctuary, nestled on the edge of stunning Cirencester. What catches the eye is the captivating interplay of contemporary minimalist styles with classic British sensibilities. Here's a peek at what you could do to infuse some of this property's magic into your space:

Recreate the rich palette

Start with a colour edit that celebrates rich greens and blues, these help elevate the elegance of any room or home. Opt for walls in muted teal or sage, and accentuate with deep marine blues through upholstery or feature walls. We love Bailey Paints in Thrupp near Stroud for all of our paint shopping, plus they stock a number of our favourite brands such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene.

Vintage meets modern

Incorporate vintage mirrors that not only reflect light but also harken back to the home's storied past. They add a sense of lived history to the most modern of homes while practically making a room feel lighter and bigger. Scour the many antique shops in The Cotswolds to find the perfect ones for your home. We love how their lounge is also the music room, topped off with stacks of their favourite vinyls. Recreate your own vintage ambiance with a cool vinyl record player and check out Badlands in Cheltenham to build your collection.

Copper accents

Copper continues to be popular for its warmth and durability. From light fixtures to kitchenware, integrating accessories with a hint of copper will add an understated elegance to your interiors. Think pendant lights, cutlery sets, and even small furniture pieces that can be all the more impactful when mixed with the rich blue and green colour palette.

Blending old with new

Antiquity finds its voice in the recycled bamboo-clad annex at Leah House, a testament to the harmonious marriage of old and new in Cotswold homes. This property's design narrative speaks volumes about conscious architecture. Here's how you can bring this blend of old and new elegance into your living space:

Reclaimed is reimagined

Explore the beauty and sustainability of reusing materials by opting for items made from recycled wood or glass. From doors to furniture, the richness of textures and authenticity of the design's story can transform any space. Consider Bramblecrest for garden furniture, made from reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood, and curate garden decor that brings the same story of renewal to your outdoor sanctuary.

Light and living

The renovated living room at Leah House is all about luminosity and blending into the land. The large picture window and the French doors frame the surrounding gardens perfectly, inviting natural light and making indoor-outdoor living a breeze. Extend this sense of openness into your space by investing in light, breezy curtains - create your own from Vanessa Arbuthnott in Cirencester - and greenery that softens the divide between interiors and nature.

The heart of a home

The wood burner at Leah House stands not just as a symbol of warmth but also of the centrality of a hearth in any home - a space where stories are forged and shared. Imbue that same spirit by making your fireplace or hearth the focal point of interaction in your living area. Pair it with a carefully selected furniture that's perfect for cosying up near a fire and speak to the soul of your household - Cotswold Grey has an amazing selection of sofas and furniture to explore.

Quintessential tranquility

Step into the serene world of Greengage Cottage, a quintessential Cotswold home that's undergone a meticulous renovation. With its immaculate interiors and rustic charm, this property is a haven for those who seek a tranquil escape from the bustle of the outside world. Here are a few things we love about the home!

The heart of hospitality

An open-plan kitchen-dining room is a hub for hospitality and family gatherings. Ensure your space is multifunctional by choosing furniture that is both beautiful and practical. Look to quality brands such as Oka for tables, chairs, and storage units that blend form with function. Incorporate lighting from Pooky to set the right mood for every occasion, from intimate family dinners to lively soirées.

The sustainable kitchen

The kitchen at Greengage Cottage resonates with a sense of the sustainable, thanks to choices in design and material. To imbue your kitchen with the same ethos, consider working with eco-conscious brands like Neptune and deVOL. Opt for durable, timeless cabinetry crafted from reclaimed or responsibly sourced wood that not only look good but also does good for the planet.

From inside to out

The fusion of indoor and outdoor living at Greengage Cottage is seamless, allowing for a tranquil flow between the two. Extend your space by creating a natural extension of your interiors on the patio or in the garden. Choose furnishings that offer comfort without compromising on style, and consider the addition of an outdoor rug - such as these from Weaver Green - to anchor the space and add a touch of luxury to your alfresco area.